Hi I’m Angela, I’m a down to earth Kiwi girl that loves food, travel and photography.  I’m married and have three young children.  The heart of our home truly revolves around the kitchen, whether it is the family dinner together, sharing a meal with friends or celebrating a special occasion.   Food is part of the glue that makes us who we are and how we express that as a family.

In this family of five, four of us have a sweet tooth and so many a time we sit down over arabic sweets my husband makes or one of my creations.

When I took on the task of a blog it was only natural for me to explore different sweets, baking and desserts from around the globe not just in my kitchen but through the lens of my camera. I look forward to sharing some of the delights with you.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and drop me a line if you have any wonderful sweets, desserts or baking that I might be able to try out on the way.

Please note that all recipes shared here on this site unless otherwise stated have been passed on to me by friends and family or the result of experimentation of either myself or my husband.  If the recipe I have shared resembles yours in any way please be aware that it has not been my intention.

Feel free to share recipes and photos but please be respectful and share credit where credit is due.

Feel free to contact me for any queries or further information.

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