Trifle Bowl – Recipe

During the summer months it is nice to make something fun for the family desserts.  Last year I saw a few recipes that were a new take on trifle that I decided to try.  But since I have two of the family who don’t like custard it become more of a jelly and cake trifle, but was delicious all the same.  It is easy to make but takes a little time to prepare.


1 chocolate log
1 packet of jelly
1 punnet of strawberries
cream or custard for serving

Find two bowls that fit well inside each other with a little space around the edges
Clean and hull the strawberries and cut up into quarters
Line both bowls with plastic wrap – enough to cover the top
Make up the jelly and pour into the smaller bowl add the strawberries
Leave in the fridge to set
Once jelly is set slice up the chocolate log about 2 cm thick
Line the sides of the larger bowl evenly with the log
Cover the top with a plate of the jelly bowl & carefully tip over
Carefully remove the plastic wrap
Turn the overturned jelly into the bowl with the chocolate log
Return to fridge to set together
When ready to eat turn out on to plate
Remove the plastic wrap from the outside
Decorate with cream or custard and serve

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