Book Review: Sweet

Every time I take my kids to the library I browse the recipe books in search of new ideas and often have several sitting on my shelf to glean ideas from.  More often than not I find one or two recipes that I like and make a note of them and then return the book.  In the case of this book I wanted to try almost all the recipes and pop into the shop to buy a copy to keep on my book shelf.  I did a bit of research but it seems to be out of print, so I will have to be satisfied with referring to my notes or ordering it from the library from time to time.

“Sweet” by Womens Weekly  is a wonderful complication of just that – sweet treats.  It contains bite size treats for every occasion including chocolates, truffles, biscuits, tartlets and confectionary.  My folder of recipes to try is bulging from this recipe book and I look forward to sharing some of the photos with you when I have had the joy of making more of them.


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