Food Photography – Styles

Here is a post from my other blog AG Creations Photography you my may find interesting if you are interested in food photography.

One of the passions that has developed as I’ve become more serious about photography is food photography.  I tend towards one or two certain styles in my food photography so I thought I would challenge myself a little and try to expand my styles a little. 

This post is inspired by a post I saw on I had been looking for food photography styles to use on my blog and loved their post where they showed the different styles using the same cake.  In their post they identified 6 major styles and set up 8 shots.  I am only going for 4 photos to show the styles that I am interested in trying out and working with. I haven’t defined them quite the same:

– bright and propped
– dark and dramatic
– rustic
– bold and colourful

I decided to photograph the humble raspberry as my subject and came out with these four different images that give a different feel with only slight adjustments and change in perspective and different backgrounds or props used.

This is a taster for the new year when I will do a series on Food Photography.  Hope you enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “Food Photography – Styles

  1. Very interesting, I like the different styles that you showed with the raspberries. My food photography could use some work, starting with better lighting. Problem is I don’t make the time for it, I’m usually snapping a pic or two before dinner and I’m hungry.


    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting – for my lighting I always use natural light, usually set with one window to the side and one behind the food or a reflector / white board on one side. I am planning to do a series of posts on food photography starting in about a month or so so do check back if you are interested

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      1. Thanks for the tip about the whiteboard. I will check out your upcoming posts. I have had better success outside on my balcony in the past, but obviously that doesn’t help when it comes to dinners haha.


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