Christmas Mince Pies

I know it is a little early to start all those Christmas posts with the wonderful foods of Christmas but here we go.  One of the sweets I always enjoy at Christmas is the Fruit Mince Pies.  I admit I am a lazy cook, so if I can buy for a few dollars down at the shop I will which means I have never attempted to make these myself.

This is something I missed having on my table while living abroad for so many years.  The funny thing is that they are available in the supermarket all year round now and I never buy them.  There is something about that special treat in season that is lost when they become an every day item.

Since I have been back in New Zealand the last couple of years I have found some delightful modernised versions that include Berry and Apricot and Brandy.  Definitely an enjoyable treat to have on hand over the holidays for those unexpected guests or to pop in the picnic bag as you head out to the beach.

Christmas Fruit Mince Pies on a Plate with Decorations - Isolated

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