Pavalova Roulade – Recipe

When I was a teenager my parents went away on holiday for a couple weeks and sent me to stay with family friends.  While I was there they taught me to make this Pavalova “Roll” in the microwave.  Until recently I hadn’t made it for years then on a whim when we had guests I whipped one up.  It is now my kids favourite dessert and quite a hit with guests as well.

3 egg whites
2/3 c castor sugar
1/3 tsp vinegar
vanilla essence
mixed berries (frozen or fresh)
whipped cream

Beat egg white until stiff
Add half sugar beat till disolved
Gradually add rest of sugar and beat for 4 minutes
Mix in vinegar and add essence to taste

Place baking paper of microwave turntable and spoon on mixture
Spread into a large square 1-2cm thick
Microwave on high for 2 minutes
Stand with door of oven open 6 minutes
Allow to cool – remove baking paper and allow to cool thourghly
Spread whipped cream over meringue and sprinkle with berries
Roll up and slide onto serving dish
Cover with cream and decorate as desired

The great thing about this recipe is that you can change the flavours to make something different.  Options include:
– Orange and chocolate chip
– Peppermint and chocolate chip
– Raspberries and white chocolate
– Kiwifruit and strawberry
– Plain ole Pavalova


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