Turkish Delight

As its name suggests Turkish Delight originated in Turkey in the 1700s, but is a popular sweet found around the Middle East that is especially common during Ramadan.  During my years in Egypt I always looked forward to Ramadan when we could buy the many varieties of “malban” as it is known there.  They came filled with different types of nuts and in different flavours including rose water, lemon and mint.

Unfortunately it is a little more difficult to track down the authentic type of Turkish Delight here in New Zealand.  When I was growing up my Mum always made it for Christmas but it was more of an extra firm jelly rather than the wonderful Middle Eastern type.  Although I now prefer a more authentic Turkish Delight I wouldn’t say no if Mum whipped up a batch and was passing it around.

Turkish Delight

Recently I found a Lebanese Cafe close to where I live that offers all sorts of Arabic sweets including a huge variety of Turkish Delight.  I am sure it will be come a regular spot for me when such delicacies are desired.  They don’t have a website but this is a link to their Facebook page – Shefco Baklawa Cafe

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