Kiwi Ice Creams

Growing up ice-cream was always one of those things that created special memories.  These things included vanilla ice-cream at the grandparents, jelly tip on a stick when we went to the bach for holidays, a hot dessert on a cold winters night with ice cream on top or to cool us down on a hot summers day at the beach.

Now that I’m a grown up I remember my kids first ice cream cone at the beach and the glorious mess it made, having mango ice cream on the banks of the Nile as a newly wed as my husband wooed me and returning to New Zealand and introducing my kids to all the new flavours here.  As New Zealand is a land that lives on dairy, they have come up with some unique ice cream flavours along the way.  They include:

– Hokey Pokey
– Jelly Tip
– Goodie Goodie Gum Drop

If you are ever down under I hope you take a few moments and enjoy some of the different flavours we have to offer.

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